I have bottom lines I won’t cross when selecting homes for my dogs.  You can try and persuade me otherwise, but I won’t budge on any of the following:


I reserve the right to change my mind about a dog placement at any stage of the interview process.


Due to contagious disease that can kill puppies, I never allow visitors into our home to 'look' at puppies until they are fully vaccinated.  Please don't ask me to visit the litters when I have them.  I will refuse you.  I send regular pictures and often have a live streaming web cam on the litter for applicants to enjoy.  Use my YOU TUBE channel to see recent past litters.  Also link to this page for a fun video of adorable Grampian puppies born in August, 2014.  I allow people to meet our adults and older puppies when I have NO BABIES in the home.  Puppies will leave Grampian after vaccinations and after the age of 10 weeks old.  If this is unacceptable you're welcome to find a puppy elsewhere.


If you haven't sent the application form, you will not be invited to visit my home for an interview at any time nor will you be given access to the live streaming web cam for privacy reasons.


I do not allow anyone to 'point at and pick' a puppy.  If you feel you need to choose a puppy on your own, you are welcome to go elsewhere.  Please read the Pick of the Litter article to find out why I carefully choose YOUR pick of the litter.


I do not accept deposits to 'hold' a dog for any reason.  Either we like each other or we don't.


All our puppies are meant as COMPANION dogs.  I do not sell dogs with full registrations. I do not allow anyone to breed from our lines, so don't ask to have just one litter.  I keep the dogs that will be bred in the future.


I will not place a dog with anyone living in an apartment or condo.  No exceptions.


I will not place a dog with any couple expecting their first child or to a family with a newborn baby.


I will not place a young dog with anyone with kids under the age of reason (at least five years old).  Ask me about appropriate retired older adults to see if I have an appropriate match available.


I do not sell dogs intended as service dogs or to be trained as service dogs.  Neither will I sell dogs intended as a personal therapy dog or one intended to be trained as one for another organization.


I will not place two dogs in any one household at the same time. I suggest you wait a minimum of six months between dogs.


A fenced yard is necessary (not Invisible Fence, not a mesh or a chicken wire and not a temporary fence... it must be chain link, PVC or stockade or any other type of secure real fence).  No exceptions.


I will not place any dog in a home that permits free roaming as country dogs do.  If your property abuts open land or sanctuary property you still need a fence.  No exceptions.


Further, I don't like to give dogs as surprise gifts at any time of year.  I want to meet all the family members who will be in contact with our dogs before we agree to letting one go.  Please don't ask me to sell you a dog as a gift for someone else.  I will refuse you.


If you intend to neuter a male dog to 'fix' problems, get a dog from a breeder who doesn't care about this.  You will not get a dog from me if this is your intention.  Unless it's a medical issue, a male Labrador retriever should be allowed to keep his hormones.  It's not a gender issue.  It is always a training issue.  Lazy humans is not an excuse to surgically alter your dog.


If you still 'need' a dog despite all my cautions, and you can't or refuse to meet the above expectations, you're welcome to look elsewhere.  You won't get a Grampian Labrador from me.


Use the links on this page to begin your search for other breeders.  The links to the Labrador clubs are excellent places to start your search.